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Shanghai Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd is a chemistry synthesis service provider located in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech park, Putong district, Shanghai, China. The main business focus of the company is to develop novel drug intermediates, drug-like scaffolds and building blocks to meet the needs of global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. With an experienced management team, an excellent scientific advisory board and a proven track record of custom services, SBE is a leader in custom synthesis industry helping its customers to accelerate their drug discovery and development process.


Shanghai Xinkai Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2001, Shanghai Xinkai Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Pudong New District. Xinkai focus is on the development of innovative synthetic processes and a unique technology application platform to provide high-quality chiral ligands and catalsts, pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients, heterocycle compounds and coupling reagents to our valuable customers. We position ourselves to integrate academic and industrial research to address the value-added marketplace of pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients .


Chengdu Devi Pharma Technology Co. Ltd

Chengdu Devi Pharma Technology Co. Ltd was established by experienced chemists and marketing experts . Devi pharma is becoming a stronger force in the chemistry such as molecular design, custom synthesis and outsourcing of fine chemicals.

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